SCRAPPET grinding equipment

We offer our invented unique and patented unrefined plastic grinding equipment having no analogues in the world.

Unlike technological solutions of plastic grinding available in the international market, SCRAPPET equipment provides for:

  • new philosophical approach to recycled plastic processing, i.e., if plastic processing equipment available up to now was stationary, large-sized, and, in order to provide for its operation, 80% of processed plastic costs were expenses related to recycled plastic sorting by fractions, refinement of various impurities, as well as costs of transporting plastic to the plastic processing place, SCRAPPET equipment provides for mobile plastic processing operation, where it is not necessary to initially sort and refine plastic;
  • costs of recycled plastic processing are 80% lower;
  • no need to build huge plastic processing infrastructure;
  • initial plastic sorting is not necessary;
  • in case of intensive use of Scrapet equipment, it pays for itself within a year, compared to classic plastic plant, where investments are recouped in ten years.

SCRAPPET offers mobile plastic grinding equipment conforming to the following parameters and providing for the following factors:

  • power supply 220 V;
  • average power consumption 4 kWh;
  • processing capacity 1-1.9 tons a day (depending on type of plastic);
  • small-sized 1000 x 1200 x 800;
  • weight 90 kg
  • easy to move/transport;
  • ergonomic and easy to service;
  • scrap width of 5 mm;
  • plastic grinding can take place in any place where power source is available;
  • equipment can also be operated by a single-phase electric motor. If necessary, power generators can be used, which allows for mobile operation of equipment;
  • equipment is easy to use, special training is not necessary.

We offer to manufacture recycled plastic processing equipment intended for your needs

The following is taken into account when completing equipment:

  • initial sizes and types of plastic to be ground;
  • necessary operation capacity;
  • necessary sizes of ground plastic.

Operation of equipment:

SCRAPPET grinding