Valdis Brikmanis

def img Engineering, its studies and the possibilities that it offers has been exciting for Valdis since his early childhood. Gradually, technical wonders and creativity that it invokes filled both his mind and heart. Valdis’s world outlook basis is composed of philosophy, relativity theory, and faith in goodness and fulfillment of related objectives.

Anita Gerina-Ancane

def img Several years of experience of academic administration in Mechanical Engineering, management of academic staff, and research in various fields of technology. She believes that a successful national economy is based on production. She is trying to realize the utopian ideas. In her spare time, she enjoys attending various cultural events, and playing tennis.

Alberts Jurinenoks

def img Great work experience in leading positions in areas such as transport and logistics, production, trade and customs services sector. In his spare time, he enjoys hockey, diving, and motorcycles.

Andris Svare

def img Years of experience in inventing devices and technologies. Highly values people who have a strong attitude towards self-development. At leisure enjoys music and painting.