innovative technical solutions

Amount of waste accumulated at world’s waste grounds constantly grows, thus increasingly contaminating the environment. Large part of this waste can be reclaimed in manufacture of new products and obtaining energy, but is not used due to too expensive and complex sorting and recycling technologies. A market research of waste processing equipment was performed that showed that small-sized and medium-sized waste processing equipment is not widely spread. After studying current situation, it was concluded that this is a free market niche, and our offered equipment could significantly improve ecological situation in the world.

SCRAPPET team includes specialists with many years of experience in the field of waste processing, power engineering and green technologies. In several years, various prototypes were created for plastic waste grinding and pyrolysis. Obtained results show that recycled plastic is a very valuable raw material for producing electric power and heat, which would be equal to renewable energy resources.

Currently, two equipment units are developed for manufacturing:

  1. Small-sized transportable grinding unit that can grind PET bottles, plastic cans and other plastic packaging. Small size and transportability of the unit allow for waste grinding at the place of its origination, thus many times reducing its volume and costs of further transportation.
  2. Small-sized transportable plastic waste pyrolysis unit that can further transform ground plastic into liquid fraction (pyrolyzis oil), which, even more reducing the volume, allows further use of pyrolyzis oil (heating, electric power production or further use in chemical industry). By equipping the unit with power generator consuming produced pyrolyzis oil, it can be operated in places where power connection is not available.

We currently work to develop equipment producing plates from ground unrefined PET bottles by extrusion. These plates, as a durable and cheap raw material, could be widely used (in construction, industry).

In future, SCRAPPET team plans to improve existing, as well as develop new technologies. For example, we currently are actively working on research of microwave assisted plasma and possibilities to use it in pyrolysis process.